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Tucson Differential, Inc. is able to provide customers with a wide selection of stock replacement and high performance rear end assemblies and components, including brake kits and differential components from well-known national brands such as: Wilwood, Eaton, and Timken Bearings.




The Tucson Differential story began in 1991 in Tucson AZ, when founder Jay opened the doors of a single bay shop. Soon Tucson Differential grew from a single bay shop to a 3 bay shop. The company sold differentials to local Tucson customers and started gaining popularity among the local racers and businesses in the area. Tucson Differential incorporated in 1997, and “Tucson Differential, Inc” was formed.

Five years later, the business grew and needed more space, so Tucson Differential, Inc. moved into an even larger building, while still doing the same kind of work (quality).

Tucson Differential and Service

Tucson Differential, Inc. is a family owned and operated business since the early 90s, and for over twenty five years, Tucson Differential has focused on building strong customer relationships by offering quality products at a fair price, timely delivery, and exceptional friendly customer service.

Best known for their high performance street and racing automotive differentials, Tucson Differential has a large selection of components including ring & pinion gears, limited slip posi-traction carriers and differentials, full spools, billet housing ends, wheel studs and bearings, bearing retainer plates, 3rd member cases and pinion supports, and complete assembled Ford 9” 3rd members.

Tucson Differential - Custom Hotrod Axles

Enter Bill, who by this time had worked with and for Jay since the late 80s, learning and mastering every aspect of the business. Bill’s fresh vision and enthusiasm made the late 1990s a pivotal time for Tucson Differential, Inc., and with the growing interest in performance street cars, race cars, and off road vehicles, the need for more help came to light. By 1996, Jay and Bill had worked long and hard to make Tucson Differential, Inc., the company known today that brings you their line of custom rear ends.


Fast forward to today: Jay and Bill, operate and manage Tucson Differential, Inc. in their new 5 bay shop in Tucson, AZ. The quality products offered and strong customer base keep Tucson Differential busy year round. Through the years, Tucson Differential has kept their focus on building strong customer relationships by offering quality products at a fair price, timely delivery, and exceptional friendly customer service – and this is what sets them apart. Tucson Differential, Inc's success can be summed up in one simple statement: "We never wanted to be the biggest, just the best!"

What some of our customers say about us:

Gary - I went to Tucson Differential not really knowing what I needed but I knew I needed an expert and that expert turned out to be Bill!  I was looking for the right gear ratio to complement my new 700R4 transmission, Bill evaluated what I currently had which turned out to be a 307 rear end, he recommended I go with 355 gears, new axles and seals due to the high mileage and wear I had on my original differential which was 300 plus miles!  Bottom line:  Bill did an outstanding job on my 66 Chevelle, it’s exactly what I was looking for.  5 star rating for sure.  Thanks Bill, job well done.

Matt - Quality work that lasts.  Tons of experience and knowledge that cannot be compared to other shops.  Nice, new and big shop that they moved into.  Jay and Bill's expertise is a treasure to have here in Tucson.

Racquel - Loved professionalism. Bill is great at what he does!!

Dave - Bill helped me out with difficult part in short order. Thanks a ton!

Richard - Came in for a simple rear diff maintenance. Bill was very helpful. He had my truck for about two hours. Work was done exceptionally well and at a cost of half that of the dealership. I can't recommend them enough. Great service. Thank you.

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